Addendum: A boy looks at a girl; a girl looks like a pony.

January 17, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Dan) (, , )

Earlier today I was talking about this song, which has been playing in my head on repeat for some time.

It has, in it, David Byrne, who really, usually, I probably don’t care, and also Dizzee Rascal, with some fine exampling, for young Finn, and … I guess that guy is Fatboy Slim? But now he’s called The BPA? For some reason.

I thought earlier that BPA stood for British Power Authority, but it’s actually Brighton Port Authority. This doesn’t really matter except that it made it harder for me to find things.

Anyway! Above, you can listen to the song. Here, you can buy the album from Amazon (which is the only place you can get it right now, apparently).

If, you know, that’s how you roll. Plus I might get 20 cents from it or something. Woo.

Anyway, the reason I’ve been playing this song in my head so much is the lyrics, which are basically ridiculous, which is great. Also really upbeat sounding, but maybe actually quite depressing in some ways? And, I guess, because it’s pretty fucking catchy and well-produced. Well played there, Mr Norman Cook.

To expand the lines which make the title, the next bit is: “She gallops all day long, in between my toes”.

This does not make sense. But probably it will get stuck in your head. Along with “It grows, if you soak it. Then rolls, out the door” (or maybe “in rows, out the door”, who can say?) and:

Every day is fucking perfect,
It’s a paradise.
Watched my life just like a movie –
had to watch it twice!

This has been an “Here Be Dragons” segment of “Inside Dan’s Head”.


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