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Here are some outfits which have tickled my fancy and sparked my imagination recently. I tend to find these things during my internet wanderings. You will have seen some of them if you follow my Facebook Album about clothes and stuff I like. In case you want to look them up, or find things that are in the same vein, that album, and its predecessors also contain the urls for all of the clothes that I have found, including the ones in this post.

The general theme is mixing up styles in ways that give an interesting look. I think it gives a bit of expression, intelligence and sometimes humour to the person’s appearance. I want to make it really clear though, that I have picked the photos for the outfits, NOT THE PEOPLE in them!


031008_hathaway_200x400 I love the way this outfit evokes images of a girl at a formal wearing her rebel-boyfriend’s jacket because it’s cold. I love the way in which more masculine clothes, as part of an otherwise soft, girly outfit, only serve to make the wearer look more delicate and feminine by comparison.

Ingrid says that this type of outfit reminds her of the old Buffy movie, in which the main character is at her Prom in a cream-puff, princess dress, stunning the socks off of the boys when things go horribly wrong and she dons a jacket and proceeds to kick a bunch of bad guy arse… saving the day. I think that was how it went.

I like how this type of juxtaposition expresses strength and femininity in a way that shows that they’re not mutually exclusive. I suppose this explains, in part why Kim, Ing and I are so addicted to the ‘tough leather boot and frilly skirt’ combo that we love so much. But, for Kim and Ing, it more specifically reflects their love of Goth-Loli style – another great example of a trend involving juxtaposition of styles, but not one that I’m a huge fan of myself.



Now, I know… She looks like she needs a feed and a wash. But, like I said above, I’m not interested in her, but the outfit. Or the idea of it, anyway.

I love the unlikely combo of the earthy, relaxed, loose, almost sack-like, long top with the leather-style tights and tough boots. It strikes me as a Sarah Connor outfit, or possibly something that a person who lived outside of the matrix would wear. I can see an artist wearing this type of thing too.

I guess it boils down to the same thing as the above. It’s soft, and tough, and smart, and more casual than it probably should be. It suits the type of personality that I find attractive in women. It also shows an awareness of things that have been cool through the decades and uses a surprising combination of them which expresses something complex about the wearer’s mood or personality. To me, that’s clever and entertaining!

Other related finds…

Circus-Evening Wear.




Men’s Clothes on Women. Shit Yeah.

bilsonmacys-5 ashleyolsen1112

I also wanted to let you all know that I added a cool new video to my last post (about gymnastics) in case you’re interested in having a look.



  1. Heather said,

    I like pretty much all these things. It’s interesting, I think that librarian outfit has a bit of the scifi hippie about it with that sweater over the top. I remember noticing the clothes that all the people in The Matrix wore when they were back on the ship, and the fabric is very like the stuff you get pants and shirts and headbands out of at Glebe Markets – a kind of loosely knit, slubby cotton. Very comfy and kind of postapocalyptic-looking.

    I love the biker ballerina. I haven’t done the stompy boots with a skirt look in ages. Now I want to wear my enormous stompy cowboy boots with my black and white spotty dress.

    Also! I was going to send you a couple of links.
    This is the place that has suddenly convinced me that I need a frock coat and possibly some kind of dress to go under it, despite the fact that I am not remotely goth.

    I think I was also telling you about this dress?
    I love the puffed sleeves and the keyhole at the back, but I’m not sure about the butt ruching.

    Also, check this out, it’s pretty amazing:

  2. juliadactyl said,

    I totally hear you with men’s clothes on women. I also love the biker-ballerina look, and now I want to tulle up.

  3. danoot said,

    I have been pondering my personal fashion concept lately (due to LJ memes in which there is a question “Describe your personal fashion concept”), and… well, there’s certainly a way I would like to dress. But it is implausible for various reasons.

    But shit yeah, juxtapositions.

  4. naboolio said,

    Hey hey Heather,
    I’m glad you liked the pics. And thanks for the links! I particularly liked:
    and this.
    I’m glad that you guys don’t see an interest in clothing as bimbo-ish. There’s a lot of cool stuff to see out there!

  5. chromefist said,

    I think it’s a pretty important form of personal expression. It took me literally decades to figure out that my appearance had some kind of an impact on others, and that it was sending them sekrit coded messages that I wasn’t privy to. Also that other people were trying to tell me things by the way they dressed.

    I still don’t really speak the clothing language past about a 4-year-old level, but I’d definitely like to know more and figure out the subtext of all the clothing that people are using around me.

    So yeah, complex and arcane, maybe, but I wouldn’t say bimbo-ish. 🙂

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