Things I have eaten today, a short and incomplete list:

January 31, 2009 at 2:42 pm (Dan) (, , , , , )

No pictures, one link. This shit? The way we are kicking it? Oldschool. That is the method by which it is kicked.


Things I have eaten today, a short and incomplete list:

1) Bacon Rice Crispies, motherfuckers.

Inspired by the fine work of the Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York, today I made me some goddamn rice crispies, mit also the bacon. Let’s get down to brass tacks, here:

  • Six cups of rice bubbles
  • four slices of delicious smoked bacon from my local butcher
  • 200gm packet of No Frills pink and white marshmallows
  • a little bit of butter

Also I used two slicepans (though one is for actual reals a pie dish, not a slice tray) and a mixing bowl, but you don’t need the mixing bowl. And really you only need one slice tray. And you probably need more bacon.

Allow me to explain my methods, here:

I sliced the rind off the bacon, and chucked it in a pretty small frying pan, with a cover, to render out the delicious fats held within the rind. While it was frying up, I cut the bacon into pretty small chunks, the better to get a mix on with the rice bubbles.

Once I’d cut up the bacons, I took the rind out of the pan and fried the little baconbits up until they were supercrispygood (because if they weren’t, that’d be a bit weird later, probably). Usually I would use a sandwich press to make supercrisp bacon, but I wanted the bacon fat left over for the melting of marshmallows in.

Yes, this is a perfectly sensible idea. Shut your mouth.

I took the pan off the heat, and set it on an angle, so the fat ran out of the corner-piled baconbits. After a while, I put the baconbits in a mixing bowl to cool down, but I could have put them straight in the slicepan, really, had I been thinking that shit through.

Then! Marshmallows.

First I checked to see if the bacon fat tasted like bacon (sometimes it does!), but it didn’t, so that was ok. I chucked a bit of butter in the pan with the baconfat (seriously, this is delicious, shut up!), and put it over a very low heat. While the butter melted down, I got the rice bubbles out, and put two cups in the pie dish, mixed up with the bacons, and four in the slice tray, baconless.

Once the rice bubbles were arranged, and the butter was melted, I got my marshmallow on, put them all into the pan with the baconbutter. Marshmallows melt weird, it’s kind of disconcerting. They stay big for ages, then all of a sudden they’re not, anymore, they’re liquid marshmallow goodness. I did this over a fairly low heat, because I didn’t want to burn any sugar, you know?

I put about a third of the mixture into the pie dish, and left the rest of the marshmallows on a (really, really) low heat. There was just about a flame, but not enough to burn anything.

Mixing marshmallowbaconbutter into baconbubbles is weird and messy. The marshmallow starts to turn to, like, sugar-ropes, almost immediately, and this is not helpful. I am just saying: get your mix on fast. Use two utensils. I used the rice spatula from my rice cooker, and also a spoon, but if I’d had another small spatula, I would have used that.
But eventually I got most of the ricebubblebaconios attached to the marshmallowmix, and it was good.

While I had not been paying attention, the marshmallow mix in the pan had kind of shrunk down, and was threatening to caramelise, so I hastily tipped it into the slice tray.

It was at this point that I realised that you should not use a slotted spatula to mix marshmallows and butter, because that shit does not come out of the holes. Not ever.

So I was a bit short of marshmallows (my packet was 200 grams, I had wanted 250, but you can’t always get what you want), but still, enough of the rice bubbles were incorporated. This is not as supersweet as I recall them being as a kid, probably due to the higher rice/sugar ratio. That kind of makes them healthy, right?

Anyway! If I was going to do this again, I’d use three times as much bacon, and I wouldn’t bother making any non-bacon rice crispies.

And I will tell you why:

They are fucking delicious, that’s why.

Don’t even joke about ‘eww’, and ‘gross’, it’s not cool. You are disrespecting a beautiful thing, you disrespecter of beautiful things. I will have no truck with it.

So, thanks, internets! You have learned me up some valuable lessons today!

(those lessons being that anything that you’d be happy to cook on a stick, over a fire, will taste delicious with anything else you’d be happy to cook on a stick, over a fire. And rice bubbles. Also that you can trust the internet to feed you, because everything there is the truth)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some delicious treats to consume.



  1. juliadactyl said,

    I am interested to try one, before I bake a whole bunch.

  2. naboolio said,


  3. Heather said,

    I thought ick, too. But I ate one and it was perplexing but not disgusting. The bacon was very crispy so it wasn’t really very meaty in texture, and the bacon flavour didn’t really permeate the ricemallow mixture, so it was just crispy bits of bacon surrounded by sweet and crispiness.

  4. naboolio said,

    I would try it… but with fear. Sorry Dan!

  5. chromefist said,

    I am interested to try a whole bunch, feel ill, and try some more later. Hells yes.

    In related news, today I ate a chinese pastry filled with chocolate, cheese and banana. It was not ‘arf bad.

    • naboolio said,

      Mmmm… I once had cinnamon toast with jam, cheese and banana on it. Is was so tasty! The saltiness of the cheese really worked well with all the sweetness.

  6. Kugelsoup « A Pleasing Fiveness said,

    […] Sometimes Dan and I disagree about food as we often have pretty different ideas. Or, he has pretty different ideas about food, and I often disagree with […]

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