Triple Threat Day – Belated New Years resolutions

February 9, 2009 at 10:18 pm (Tom) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

I have a need to codify and list the achievements I would like to make inroads on this year; and public accountability seems like the best way to motivate myself to do eeet.

So here they are; the top 7:

1. Have a final draft of my posts ready on Sunday night, so I can properly edit them before I publish.


2. Make a sustained effort to improve my fitness.

I have the physical habits of a fit and highly agile person. I habitually walk along the top of walls, climb shelves in the supermarket to get what I want, shimmy up doorways when I’m bored, I perch on chairs in peculiar ways and duck under, swing off or roll across stuff without thinking. However, I’m no longer as fit or agile as I used to be, and if I don’t do something about it, I’m reasonably certain that sooner or later I won’t be able to continue to move like me without hurting myself. I’m not really concerned about changing my body, but I’d like to get through my 20’s in roughly the same shape I am now. So, I need to do some low-level aerobic exercise, I think. I’ll have to figure out what that would look like.

3. Start reading books again

I’ve pretty much lost the habit of regularly reading actual books. I get a lot of info and entertainment from the internet, but not much longer than about 1000 words.

4. More Spontaneous Romancin’

No spoilers here. It says spontaneous, doesn’t it?

5. Find an American paper and read it regularly

I currently read the SMH in the morning on the way to work, I read the Australian at lunch, and I read the Guardian (UK) on the way home. So I’m generally pretty on top of the news. However, I don’t have an American paper that I read with any regularity; which is kind of an oversight if I’m trying to keep on top of the English-speaking world. Maybe the NY Times, since the Washington Post has apparently gone downhill. The LA Times would be interesting, too – but none of them are free online. So this requires some more research.

6. Find new, grownup ways to see old friends

I see you guys pretty regularly, which is neat; but I’ve virtually lost contact with many of my friends from school and uni – who I would otherwise have quite liked to keep. A big part of this is that I rely on Julia to plan my social calendar. Take some responsibility, self-beeyotch! And maybe use my infrequent office lunches to see all my peeps around the city. Yeah. Organising stuff FTW.

7. Limit and reorganise the time spent gaming.

In order to do all of the above, decrease the amount of time spent gaming to 2 3 hours a night. And play more and different games, also – less blockbusters, more interesting indy stuff. If I’m not spending as much bandwidth downloading games as I am playing them, I am no game-gourmand, sir!



  1. percy said,

    Wow. These are basically my resolutions. I don’t think there’s a single thing there that I’m not working towards too.

    I look at every now and again, and I’ve never been asked to pay for anything…

  2. chromefist said,

    Possibly this suggests that they’re a little bit standard. Mayhap we could construct some kind of zeitgeist resolution list, that all men aged 20-27 in the western world could sign on for and have some kind of annual prize for anyone who actually achieves one or more of them. I did pushups for three days straight, and then nothing for the last 4. I went to the nytimes after publishing the post, and bookmarked it, and then didn’t go back until I saw your response. I played too much L4D, didn’t download anything interesting, and failed to read a book.
    Bah. Bad week.

    I think I’ll do an update post after Month 1 – and see where I’m up to. And do more pushups.

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