The Great Clean, a follow-up

February 20, 2009 at 11:20 am (Julia) (, , , , , , )

Firstly: Sorry this is late, guys, I went to a wedding yesterday and then was sleepy.

So, over a month later, our house is finally, mostly clean. Success! You’ll all see this on Saturday night at my party (hint hint), and, obviously, Tom and Heather have already seen it.

I love it. It feels wonderful to have all this useable space in our house again, and I’ve already done a lot of very grown-up, social things. Last Saturday night, my parents, my grandma and my sister and her husband (and Amelia) came over for dinner. This was because my sister’s birthday was the 13th and my dad’s was the 17th, so we generally combine the two and have a dinner somewhere. This is the first year that Amelia’s been around for this, and I suggested it might be simpler for everyone if the dinner was at my house. It was, particularly for Sarah and Robert. Amelia got to sit in her bouncinet on the coffee table while we were eating, so she could look at everyone (she’s 6 weeks old now, so she’s just starting to become really interesting in her surroundings, especially people). Nappy changes could take place in the spare room thanks to their fold-up travelling nappy change mat (it is seriously cool), and my sister (who’s not a fan of breastfeeding in large groups) was able to sit on the spare bed to feed her. It was lovely being able to cook for my family, too. It was a nice relaxed evening, and I got to cuddle my niece for a really long time (until my dad showed up and demanded grandfatherly rights).

My sister has also been over for tea, with the baby, which was pretty cool. Sarah’s mum lives a couple of blocks away from us, and so Sarah spends quite a bit of time in Summer Hill. When Amelia is a big bigger, I have plans for an Amelia drawer at my house – a drawer full of things for her to play with. My godfather had a Julia drawer at his house when I was small, and it was awesome.

I feel really grown-up, right now. We have a lounge/dining room, we have a spare room. My family can come for dinner. My cousin can stay the night. We can entertain like adults.

The most exciting thing, probably, is that on Sunday Tom and I are heading off to the RSPCA at Yagoona to obtain a kitty. This was the treat for cleaning, a real kitty, of my very own. I have visions of my sister bringing her baby over, and then me putting the kitten next to the baby, for the cutest thing in the whole world.

We’ve thrown out so much stuff, and we haven’t even started on the stuff in our storage unit yet. I have been extremely strict on throwing things out, and it’s been really freeing. I’m going to try to throw out useless junk in the future, because man, I really don’t want to become a hoarder.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you some of the lovely things our flat is now set up for.

Dinner Parties

I’ve already had one of these for my family, and I can’t wait to start having my friends over for evenings of too much food and too much wine. Dinner parties, in my culture, are raucous and lively and fun. Some people think of sedate, quiet meals, but honestly, that’s not how I roll. Even at Millthorpe, we’re not really sedate at meals. Food + Booze + Friends = Good Times.

Roleplaying/Board Games

We have a dining table and chairs, AND a coffee table and two couches. This calls for some serious geekery to begin. This is to help with Tom’s plans of doing more geeky things – I would like to run or host a regular RPG (possibly a reworking of mah 1930s nWoD game), and I’m also interested in having boardgaming days on weekends.

Tea Parties

At some point in the near future, I’m going to treat myself to some really fancy-pants tea equipment (and maybe a cake tier), then have my favourite ladies over for tea and cakes. Because, oh man, that stuff is so lovely.

House Parties

The kind we used to have, back in the day, where half the guests crashed at our place and then we all had breakfast. I miss those really big parties, and I hope we can start doing that again. I’m not ready to be old and boring, yet.


  1. Danoot said,

    aww yeah

  2. naboolio said,

    This all sounds so great! Congratulations guys… all your hard work has paid off! And, kitten sounds like the best reward possible đŸ˜› Can’t wait for your party tomorrow and for the dinners/teas/games to come.

  3. misterfinn said,

    With great trials come great parties. Yesssss.

  4. chromefist said,


  5. juliadactyl said,

    Thanks, guys. Tom deserves a bunch of the credit, he is some kind of cleaning machine.

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