Conflicting Wedding Dress Options…HALP!

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Once again guys, sorry about the lateness of my post! I have no excuse this time, other than that I was tired and uninspired last night. But, now I have thoughts! Wedding dress thoughts.

This post is mainly an appeal to you all for opinions about my wedding dress options. I’m torn at the moment, because I had, for about three years, had my heart set on this dress:nude0011

It’s from Wheels & Dollbaby, a gorgeous Australian pinup  style store that has a boutique in Surry Hills that breaks my heart every time I enter it’s doors. I’ve been salivating over this dress (along with most of the other dresses in that shop) since Heather, Georgia and I (along with some others who I can’t remember- sorry guys!) ventured inside after a Saturday brunch at Kawa. I think it may have been  Georgia who suggested that this be my wedding dress. That set off a cascade of excited lustings for a very rebellious, retro pinup, risque, cocktail, evening wedding with all of my bridesmaids in W&DB clothes. The thought gives me tingles!

When I tried on this dress, it fit me like a glove. It’s really flattering, cute and sexy and less formal than most wedding gowns, which I like. I think it’s more individual, and really suits my personal style tastes. Another plus is it’s only $385 because it’s not officially a wedding gown!

Here’s a picture of me in a top of the same design, to give you some idea of how I would look in the dress:

wedding-dresses-0121I have always known that wearing this dress at my wedding would rock the boat a little. In fact, that is part of what I like about it. However, another part of what I really like about it is that it suits me, my style, and I would be more at home in it than in a formal dress/gown.

That was challenged when I showed it to my Mum and she said that she thought it was ‘trashy and not appropriate for a wedding’. I think her main objections are that it’s not formal and that it is future-hugging and shown some skin. My sister likes it, but thinks I should wear something that is more classic and less of a representation of my style now because she thinks I might look back on it in the futuretimes and say, “ick, that was so noughties!” or some similar.

Andrew also admitted that he doen’t like the bow, which makes me less inclined to wear it, considering the bow is the most prominent feature of the dress, and I would like my future husband to think I look nice on my wedding day! I think the bow’s the feature that makes the dress so cool!

I really don’t want my family thinking I look like a tramp, and my husband-to-be being unenthused by the dress I chose,  so I think that would make me less comfortable wearing this dress. I also wonder if my sister has a point, that I might find I hate it in 30 years. At the same time, I realise that this is my wedding and I should wear what I like best. Hmmm…

Another option that I’m considering is wearing my sister’s wedding dress. Here’s a few shots of me in it:





This dress is from Pronuptia, a well known, British wedding gown brand. I think, if I am remembering correctly, that it cost around $2,500 when converted from pounds. But, for me, it would be free, apart from dry cleaning and alterations. It also fits me perfectly, and is incredibly flattering, which wierds me out a little because it’s not at all a style I would have chosen for myself.

I adore the bodice. The shape does wonders for me. The emroidery – especially where a flower escapes over the top of the bodice bustline – is truly special, and the buttons down the back are stunning. This style would make my family really happy, and thus would make me more comfortable.

However, the skirt is problematic for me. I don’t usually go for ‘foof’ or A-line in a dress. Also, the idea of wearing a dress like every other dress irks me, and that;s kinda what this one’s like. It is, however, like I said, very flattering.

I have vague notions of possibly having it altered slightly so that some of the voluminous skirt material is pulled back into something resembling a bustle, and maybe securing it with some kind of gorgeous clip or brooch. The aim would be to give the dress a bit more of a streamline shape. The resulting bustle sounds pretty rad perk of this plan!

Here are some shots of me in the dress pulling it back as if it were altered in the above fashion:



I guess, when I’m honest with myself, I’m not in love with it. It’s a beautiful dress, it fits, and is flattering and is free.  It would make my family happy, and I would be comfortable wearing it. But, it’s not what I would choose. It also kind of ruins mt fantasy vision of a cocktail wedding.

So, the other option is buying a new wedding gown in a style that I love. It’d make my family happy, and I could have it just how I want it, but it would be WAY more expensive. Here are some that I have found on the internet that I really like:


This one’s from Circa Brides, who have an amazing range of vintage-inspired wedding gowns. I think it’s really elegant, and not so ball-gown-like.



This one’s from Culture Shock, a fantastic, Sydney-based maker of more individual wedding dresses. I particularly like the vintage feel of this one. I adore the slinkiness, the lace and the buttons on the back. The shape is how I always imagined my wedding dress would look. I do get the impression that the price will be crazy though because this one is under the couture category on the site.

That picture reminds me that the lovely Jodi – Nathan’s girlfriend, my former housemate, and amazing seamstress and Milliner extraoridaire – has generously agreed to make me a fascinator for my big day! I think a fascinator would suit any of the styles I’m considering, and would be a great alternative to a veil. Which ever dress I choose, it’d lend an elegant, eveningwear feel to it. I’m envisioning something with netting that comes down across one side of my forehead and one eye, with some feathers sticking up and some kind of a beautiful embroidered clip or base to hold them all to my hair. I haven’t found any I’m in love with yet, but I’ll keep you posted and show you when I do.

Please, let me know what you think of all of these ideas. I really want your input! Also, if you know of any interesting places to buy unconventional, vintage inspired wedding dresses, please inform The Tab.



  1. juliadactyl said,

    An fairly viable option is to find yourself a decent NON-BRIDAL dressmaker who will make up a pattern from a photo – particularly if you like retro, vintage stuff. It will be MUCh cheaper than off-the-rack bridal or bespoke, you can get it how you want it (fabric, colour, changes to the dress, etc).

    I really love the cut of the W&DB dress on you. A-line is nice, but honestly, you’ve got such a stunning figure that a-line is wasted on you. Form-fitting doesn’t have to be trashy.

    I also think the Circa Brides dress would work well on you. That kind of cut, certainly.

  2. juliadactyl said,

    Sorry, I meant the Culture Shock dress. The Circa one is lovely, too, but not quite as stunning as the Culture Shock one.

  3. naboolio said,

    Oh cool, thanks for the advice. I thought I’d also add that after I posted this, Ing showed me these wedding dresses from Gallery Serpentine.

    They seem pretty awesome, and much more affordable than I was expecting!

  4. naboolio said,

    The culture shock one comes from a range that has prices of $3,500 to $7,500! That’s way too much 😥 It was really growing on me too.

  5. chromefist said,

    I like the bow one. Also the Circa Brides one. Couldn’t tell you why exactly, though.

  6. A Pleasing Guestness said,

    I too approve of the bow one! I certainly don’t think it looks trashy.

    I say, go with what feels good! It’s a day that’s about you and Percy and while it’s great that your family have advice, it’s your final decision. If the day is good, then at worst, you’ll look back on the dress as a fond memory of the folly and frivolousness of youth.

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