I wish I could quit you, university + what is Julia doing these days anyway?

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So, I’m considering going back to uni. I know, I know, it’s like I’m Dan or something (Hi Dan!).

I think it’s probably not a surprise that I am massively gay for formal education. I love learning, I love thinking, and I love university. I also love letters after my name. I have slight dreams of ending up lecturing in the Education faculty, I think that would be pretty awesome.

So, what is driving this new desire to go back to uni? There are some real reasons and some reasons that are extremely subject to change. I’ll put my whim and fear based reasons first.

1. I am SO BORED. I’m currently in the middle of sorting out a massive bureaucracyfail with the DET, and I’ve done all the stuff I can for now, and it’s their turn to do send me some things. It’s like the slowest and most boring game of tennis ever, and considering tennis is shit to start with, yeah. I haven’t had anything to do since last September and I am bored. My brain, it craves stimulation. So, obviously, when my casual teaching finally kicks in (DET I AM TALKING TO YOU SEND ME MY GODDAMN FORMS), I may reassess this plan. But right now, I’m bored, and so uni is the first thing I think about.

2. Sutekh is awesome this year. It’s like I’m the Queen Mother. I’m not in charge of anything, but everyone pays me respect and thinks it’s adorable when I’m drunk and listens to my stories. Sutekh has FINALLY become the way Newtekh envisioned it – there’s a really competant, drama-free committee that runs about a bazillion events, all the n00bs are freaking awesome, and everyone’s super friendly and welcoming. I’m also a bit afraid of finding another community, I guess – Sutekh is just how I want it, and the idea of starting from scratch, working my way up and effecting positive change seems overwhelming. Sometimes at schools I feel like I don’t fit in in the staffroom – people talk about Rugby League and stuff like that, and while I can fake it, I don’t feel like I’m totally surrounded by My People. Obviously, working at the right school would fix that – I’ve gone to three public, non-selective schools for prac, so I assume a private or selective school might house a few more geeks in the staffroom. There are some, but not quite enough. It’s a strange feeling – and it reminds me of being in high school and feeling like I shouldn’t talk about what I’m into for fear that people think I’m strange, and man, I kind of hate that. Stupid social phobia.

3. It’s that time of year. O-Week is awesome, all my friends are doing cool classes. Seriously, Finn has a class where they have to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Uni was SO not that cool when I was an undergrad. Fucking new cultural studies department. But, you know, I’m fairly certain that in about seven weeks I’m going to be feeling pretty superior about the lack of essays.

4. I have a hard-on for academic dress. No, really. I’m graduating on the 3rd April, and it will be so awesome. I’m going out for tapas and sangria afterwards with my family, and it’s a 4pm graduation so I can wave my robed self (different to my rabid self) at n00bs. Aww yeah. (hey guys, come for free food in the Quad). I get to wear Masters robes! Shit yes. But, yeah, I love ceremonies. Especially ceremonies about how I am AWESOME.

Now, the more sensible, grown-up reasons.

1. Either an M.A or an M.Ed would make me a more awesome teacher. I’m leaning towards an M.Ed right now (different to the M.Teach), because I could do something on G&T students, and I’m considering something about how G&T kids need extra-curricular stimulation to keep them focused (or “Why Sutekh Should Be In Schools). That would be awesome, right?I would be more employable and I would be able to focus on the aspects of education I’m really passionate about. Alternatively, an M.A could let me play with history some more, and man, I could go for some of that right now.

2. It could help me on the path towards Academia. Man, teaching at uni? Teaching at Sydney uni? Best thing ever. I would sit up in that ivory tower and just piss on everyone. I would be all THIS IS HOW TO BE AWESOME and people would cower in fear, while taking notes.

3. M.Eds are designed for workers. I could take some evening classes, and still totally casual-teach, which would rock. Money AND study, aww yeah.

4. I really like research. I do. I’ve been re-reading my Action Research Project from last year (the big bit of research I did during my internship) and shit, it was awesome. I’m pretty impressed with what I did, with what I learnt, etc. I love that kind of higher thinking. Education is a field with so many problems, and we’re only JUST starting to move away from the old-fashioned teacher-centred learning. I have all these theories of how school and learning could be totally awesome (because it SHOULD be) and getting to explore that some more would totally rock. I think casual teaching could really help me with this, too, because I’d get to see the different ways a lot of schools function, and incorporate the best bits into my theories.

This plan is by no means set in stone right now. I’m aware that a LOT of this urge is based on fear of NOT being in formal education for the first time in 21 years, the fact that I’m bored, and the fact that university is so awesome at this time of year. But an M.Ed is in my plans SOMEWHERE in my future, so I’m giving this some fairly serious consideration. I’ll see how I feel about it in six months, basically. Of course, I’ve just check out the Masters of Education (Research) page and I think I may be having an attack of the vapours due to the thesis requirements. I shall loosen my stays, find my smelling salts and then think seriously about this for six months.

In the meantime, here’s another post (sort of) about what I’m doing with myself at the moment, and how I’m keeping myself busy.

1. Flametiger Throwdown

Centrefold Kitty!

Centrefold Kitty!

How did I even go without having a pet cat for 8 years? I LOVE having this little guy around. We’ve had him a week and a half now, he has pooped in the box EVERY SINGLE TIME (this may be one of his most endearing qualities), and he is basically just awesome. He has a few modes that he cycles through during the day. There’s Insane, where he runs from room to room without reason, attacks feet, tulle skirts, bits of dust, dead cockroaches that he killed the day before, etc. There’s Smoochy, which often happens when we get home from being out of the house, where he follows us around, wants to be carried or to stand on our shoulders, and rubs his face all over ours. There’s Helpful, where he climbs things and watches us in the kitchen (he is like our own special bodyguard), and wants to explore everything (like the oven). He also watches me in the bath with great concern, probably to make sure I don’t drown. It’s very endearing. And finally there’s Sleepy, which pretty much speaks for itself. He likes sleeping on our pillows, but he also loves my massive new computer shelf-thing (the one I built from Ikea stuff). He likes being behind the monitor, as well as in the very narrow shelf underneath the monitor. Anyway, he is just gorgeous.  I assume you’ve read Tom’s thoughts on the matter, but as a seasoned cat-owner, I can definitely say that Flamey is one of the loveliest kitties I’ve ever met. Particularly because I’m not doing much at the moment, he is very good for company. He’s like Finn, except nicer to stroke and he doesn’t give me sassmouth all day long about Maggie Gyllenhaal.

2. Hanging with Steeni.

So, Christina is well and truly ensconced in our front room, and this is pretty awesome. She’s easy-going, she seems to do the dishes ALL THE TIME and she brings me cups of tea. I also get to talk to her about school and what she’s doing (apparently, Newtown High is what highschool would be like if they made highschools AWESOME and fun), and she comes along to Sutekh things and hangs out with my geeky friends (who obviously all adore her because she’s fantastic)

She’s probably the easiest semi-flatmate we’ve ever had. Since she’s an only child like myself (both of us have siblings, but not in our immediate household experience) AND because she’s related to me she understands about the need to long periods of solitude, interspersed with meaningful conversations over cups of tea. She seems to go out most evenings, but she’s pretty competant and doesn’t need looking after, which is good. I really like having her here, and one day when she’s not doing all the social things ever I will bring her to stuff. For real!

3. Regressing to Sutekh

I know, I said I would quit. But, O-Week! It was so fantastic, and I really love the n00bs this year. I went to B&C yesterday, and I got to go on Aidan’s radio show, and I got to talk to awesome new people, and tonight I’m seeing Watchmen with everyone (HAY YOU GAIS), and it’s really good. There seems to be minimal fail, it’s good to see the new committee working so well (since there’s no one on it who seems to be more concerned with causing bullshit drama than making the club AWESOME), and I’m enjoying being able have awesome ideas about stuff to run, without having to worry about the day-to-day stuff. I’m currently planning:

– Victorian Marvel. One day, Percy and Finn and I will get together, drink over 9000 coffees and plan this shit right up.

– League of Awesomes. I wrote this semi-freeform with Finn and Aidan for O-Week, and Jonan has said I can offer to put it up in one of Sutekh’s wildcard P&G slots, where you  basically say, hey General meeting, instead of P&G one week, how about this cool event instead? And then they vote, hopefully in your favour. Anyway, it’s a faction-based freeform based off the Sutekh Zodiac, and it’s full of mad lolz and good times.

– N00b sub-committee. Mostly, I hang out with n00bs, and I’m going to P&G tomorrow to run Geek Charades. Good times!

4. Forms

I know, my greatest fear. The university either didn’t send my confirmation of completion to the DET, or the DET didn’t get it or lost it. Either way, that’s why there’s no workz for Julia. I’ve sorted this out, now, and am waiting for confirmation from the DET. This will allow me to hand out resumes to schools, without them throwing them away. Then I will (hopefully) get some work, and have fat stacks of cash. Or even small stacks of cash. I plan to blow my first paycheck on tequila, who’s interested? Finn has said he will drive me to schools for epic resume drop, so obviously I will have to find some way of repaying him. I guess that’s one way he’s better than Flametiger. But oh, Flamey would be so cute if he could drive. Mohh.

5. Social Life. This one’s pretty important. I’m trying to throw more parties, because hey, what was even the point of all that cleaning if I don’t have people over to my house? I’m planning to throw Zombie Thursday again, probably just with selected awesome people. I want to have an afternoon tea one day, with mah ladies. Tom has some plans for board game evenings, I believe. I’ve also really been loving Weekend Breakfast, it is always so cheerful and fun. I really dig this thing I have going on right now where all my friends are this amazing positive force on my life. Good work, you guys.

6. Stories and Shooty-bang. Oh, Team Fortress 2. The scout update has been good fun for me, because I play pyro. Oh, teensy scouts, you on fire now! I really need some headphone with a microphone, possibly a guy could maybe give me that for our anniversary. Crazy! I love being able to play with my friends, too. I’ve been watching some good stories, recently. I’m underwhelmed by Dollhouse, but a n00b girl who is Whedon-crazy told me that apparently the first six episodes are heavily Fox Network controlled, but after that, Joss had a pretty free hand. So I am willing to stick around to if that pans out. I’m sad to see that Joss has gone back to his abusive ex-boyfriend Fox, but maybe he’ll learn. If nothing else, there’s some decent eye-candy on that show, and honestly,  the WORST of Whedon is still better than a lot of other TV shows. I’m also loving the final chapter of BSG, and this season of Lost and Heroes are also doing good things. Well done, television.

So, that’s about it for me. Pretty epic post this week! Woo! I hope to see most of you tonight at Watchmen – the movie’s at 8.20, but we’re meeting at about 6-6.30 at the Lansdowne first for noms.



  1. Danoot said,

    I have not read this post. No.
    I have read the first line.

    The answer to your problems is, of course: DO IT FUCKER!

  2. misterfinn said,

    I love my youth cultures aka “watch awesome movies” course.

  3. chromefist said,

    Uni’s mad fun the second time; but I’m afear’d you might be taking too much on if you intend to work a bit. Getting used to full-time work is tiring; and if you’re casual anyway, the temptation will be to concentrate on your studies.

    And then you won’t get to teach like you wanted. Which would make for regrets later on. It seems really great right now, because it’s all the things you like about Uni; but make some more serious thinkings before committing yourself mentally to anything.

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