Step 3: Profit (and) Make AP5 Go!

March 14, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Julia) (, , , )

My DET miseries are almost at an end! I have only to do the following: mail Casual Direct registration forms, give resumes to schools, and then sit back and wait for work to come rolling in.


This is going to be awesome, because I will be GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE, and making fat stacks of cashdollars. I know this isn’t exciting for those of you with real, grown-up jobs (Tom and Heather I am looking at YOU), but apparently my time is worth $300 a day. This is fairly huge for me. I have earmarked some of this potential money for certain things, and since we LOVE consumerism and lists here at AP5, I thought I’d write some of my plans down.

1. Lady-based cocktail evenings.

I am partially convinced that being a young woman of independant means can only be demonstrated if you occasionally go out for a few cocktails after work with other young women of independant means. I’m not talking $5 cocktails and all the bar fights you can dodge at the Ashfield Hotel, either – I mean fancy ones, at Marble Bar.

2. Travel

I have some fairly serious wanderlust at the moment, and making some fat teaching dollars would allow Tom and I to skip the country occasionally and have intercontinental adventures (different to incontinent adventures). Vietnam, Argentina, Italy… these are all places on my list.

3. Camera

I want to get me a fancy digital SLR. I bought my Canon Powershot about a year ago, and I’ve been spending the time redeveloping my eye. You’re all very patient about me getting out my camera at every available moment, so, thank you. But there is only so much this little clickything can do, and I crave something with a lens I can fiddle with. I am some kind of lenssexual (not lensexual, which is being attracted to dudes named Len). Then I will go on adventures to places

4. Moar Ikea

Oh man, the plans I have. MOAR Ikea. I want, like, the weird towels which are velour on one side, and that are the same colours as my bedspread. I want more kitchen stuff, like the Mjod glasses Dan picked up. I want my house to be awesome and beautiful and have good shit that looks amazing and does what it’s supposed to do. Maybe one day I will even buy a couch. A new couch, of my very own which isn’t some kind of futon.

5. PS3

Oh, Tom will play ALL the GTA4. All of it.

A Pleasing Fiveness, let’s have at it!

Okay, so, obviously some people are uninspired to post. I was fairly uninspired this week, and hence, a list. Sorry, guys. But I have some ideas!

– Maybe sometimes we could have a week where everyone blogs on the same topic, but from personal experience. Like, blog about a favourite childhood memory, or something like that. I think that could be really interesting.

– Requests! Is there anything that you guys would like me to write about? Anything where you go “That thing Julia does, I would like to hear her reasons for it”.

– Commenting! Guys, I think we need to try to comment more. Even if you just write something brief, I think it would help all of us to know that what we’re writing is being read and being appreciated.

I also have a second post coming for you, but it will have to wait for tomorrow, for Secret Reasons.



  1. chromefist said,

    Yais. Thees ees true. Moar posts is good posts. I’m finding that I start off with grand themes, and then my interest peters out, and I’m more interested in little things I’m metaphorically scribbling in the margins. Not sure how that should work; but I think breaking the big post up into multiple mini-posts was probably more searchable and easier to comment on. So I think I’ll do that again. And try and keep the length down unless I’m actually inspired. In other news, I still haven’t read the FW bill, which I mean to. But Torts is getting more interesting; so I think there’ll be more law posts. And the work-stuff remains under media lockdown, especially after this week, so I might have to scrap any concept of talking about that except in the most general terms.

  2. naboolio said,

    I think having weekly themes would really help me. What a great idea! I’m struggling to think of things to say each week. Also, time is a problem. But, I do love this project… so we should find a way to keep it going.

  3. percy said,

    I think themed posting is a great idea.

    I suggest we take a bit of a break this week (it seems everyone is hella busy), and start again afresh next week with the theme:

    Video Games I Play(ed), and Why I Enjoy(ed) Playing Them


    • juliadactyl said,

      That sounds awesome, and I think it would be a nice easy thing to do. Also I am in favour of taking a break this week, so we can all think about next week’s topic.

    • chromefist said,

      Sounds good. I have the headfogs today anyhow, anything I could produce might very well not be legible.

  4. capnsilver said,

    Well I finally bookmarked the site rather than coming here when I am reminded, I shall try and be active and then possibly write a guest post.

  5. Theme Week #1 - Video Games I Play(ed), and Why I Enjoy(ed) Playing Them « A Pleasing Fiveness said,

    […] Oh, right, yeah. […]

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