Posterity and comparison

October 17, 2010 at 2:38 pm (Monday Morning links, Tom)

I sort of just realised that twitter doesn’t keep things hanging around forever; so I thought this might be a good place to record a set of twitter posts I made during the last election campaign about the journalists & sites I was actually interested in reading.  I don’t have much hope for next March’s NSW election in terms of policy debate; but it’ll be interesting to see if actual issues make an appearance, and who covers them; not to mention the next federal election in 2013 or so.
Tom Fischer
FPTom Tom Fischer
If you, like me, are really getting sick of the way this election is playing in the press, I recommend the following:


My top two blogs of the campaign: Grog’s Gamut:, and Meganomics:
Goanna on the Fairfax National Times is hit-and-miss, but at least has a sense of perspective #newsthatdoesntsuck
Ross Gittins is one of maybe 3 economics writers in Australia who actually know economics: #newsthatdoesntsuck
Laura Tingle is worth reading, ( though most of her stuff is paywalled at AFR #newsthatdoesntsuck

And Crikey for the nitty-gritty: Bernard Keane and Pollytics #newsthatdoesntsuck
And the ABC’s Election Live feed is second only to twitter for updates through the day – #newsthatdoesntsuck
TheDrum: sadly weak on serious analysis, but is worth reading for it’s sharp comic columists #newsthatdoesntsuck
Lastly, the twitter feeds you need are: @latikambourke, @TurnbullMalcolm, @howespaul, @samanthamaiden, @annabelcrabb #newsthatdoesntsuck
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Are there any other places you found useful for serious political/policy news?

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