Internet adventures! (Mostly terrifying)

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So I’m going to try this blogging thing, and try to do it a bit more regularly, and a bit less polished.

You see, I think I come across so many weird and wonderful things on the internet, ranging from the cute to the downright disturbing.


Most of the time, Tabitha is the only person who sees some of this, and my collection is vast. Time to share.

My number one source is, of course, Space Ghetto. I have been with this community a long time, mostly as a lurker. But some days, they are a goldmine of goodness. Some of these things are from there, so props to those guys.

(If you are reading this from work, you should probably stop right now and GET BACK TO WORK)

(But read this later, it’s awesome)

I love two things about this. Firstly, I had no idea he loses his shit in so many ways in so many movies. It seems like he should be more famous, or at least more memorable. But most of all I love the perfect syncing with the music!

Some extremely strong language, but I think it’s quite nice absurdism. A mildly hilarious thing is blown out of all proportion and taken to the maximum extreme. Like this dog:


The Picture and Text formats are two of the three primary methods of memetic transfer on the internet (the other one being YouTube videos), and again I’d bundle this humour in with the absurdism of the previous video. There is just an endless way to put them together, and I think it’s fascinating.

So pretty!

Also pretty. I have discovered that while I like to wear black, I really like colours in most other things. The more, the better!

Whilst not true of today (oh man) I do like the fact that I’m at an age and level of financial stability that I can actually spend a day, every now and then, doing NOTHING. So refreshing.

Now here are two videos from Natalie Tran of the communitychannel YouTube channel. She’s the most subscribed to channel on YouTube, and her channel has had well over 40 million views. Her comedy is great and her audience interaction is really noteworthy as well.

Do you like text over a nebula?

I’m glad it’s not me who’s been creeped out by Jimmy Wales’ face:

As is traditional over on the ghetto, I leave you with this:

The best 15 seconds you’ll have today!


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